Learning using the FSI 1.1 method

If you’re looking to learn French as a beginner then you may be interested in trying out the FSI method, which is a fairly old set of learning materials but quite standard as it was developed originally for people going into the foreign services (I think). This lesson follows along another student as they learn on their own. Subscribe to their videos here. You may also be interested in the 1.0 FSI video.

Use TV to learn – French in Action Episode 1

I personally find this way of learning to be rather interesting as it uses a very old, and kind of humorous now, TV show to teach you French. The show is called “French in Action” or “Francês em Ação”. Each episode starts off pretty slow and uses basic vocabulary and phrases. The idea is that by using simple plots and dialogue, you’ll be able to pick up more of the language naturally rather than by intense studying. It’s probably not for everyone but just watching the old videos can cause a big of nostalgia. If you want something more modern you can try some dialogue examples and practice video. Subscribe to their other videos on youtube here.

Learning colors and shapes in French (for kids)

Here’s a useful video for teaching the basics of colors and shapes in French for kids video. The best way for a child to learn French is to get exposure to the language as early as possible. In fact they say that direct interactions in the target language with a real person early in life can actually change the baby’s ability to hear and respond to different tones of a second language, making it easier for them to acquire it later in life. You may also like this other related video to teach kids French colors and shapes. You can subscribe to this user’s other videos here.

Complete beginner French Video lesson – alphabet, phrases, verbs (4 hours!)

This is a really solid video for French beginners as it starts out assuming very little information about the language and uses mostly English to introduce the concepts before getting too far into the lesson. It covers some basic phrases to get you going, using a familiar setting like a bar or ordering at a café. It then covers the French alphabet and basic verb use –  go here for more on French verb conjugation. You can subscribe to their videos here.