Practice with French dialogues and English translations

This is a super useful video for practicing French that uses dialogues of spoken French and English translations to help guide you through real world use of the language. Using dialogue is a great way to learn because it will teach you how people actually speak in daily life, how they form questions and how best to answer them. This simple process of asking for information and understanding what is said back to you forms the earliest foundation of proper communication. You should follow their videos here. If you like this visual approach but need more basic French vocabulary practice then go here.

How to start learning French from the very beginning video lesson

Well when learning a new language, we all have to start somewhere and this lesson from Learning French with Alexa, who you should definitely follow here, is an entire video lesson designed for complete beginners. It starts with the most quintessential French word for hello “Bonjour” and most of the lesson itself is in English. It’s definitely not for anyone with a background in the language but it is still a popular video for total beginners. Here’s another video lesson for complete beginners.

Learn how to properly pronounce French words as a beginner

When you first start learning French you can sometimes wonder how the different words and letter combinations are pronounced since sometimes it can be similar to English and other times it’s totally different. If you haven’t learned how to say the French alphabet then try here. This beginner video lesson focuses in on the sounds that are made in pronouncing some common French words or I should say common letter pairings that appear together and the sound that you should make when saying them. You can subscribe to her videos here.