How to conjugate French verbs video

This is a useful and very detailed (6 hours!) long video that dives deep on how to conjugate verbs in French. It’s good for beginners or for intermediate learners to review all the possible ways that verbs are conjugated in an easy to follow video lesson. Subscribe to their videos here. How you make verbs in French is important overall to truly master so that you can speak more fluently.

Learn 100 bilingual French English phrases from Vincent

This is a very useful video from Learn French with Vincent that uses bilingual English & French dialogues & translations to teach you some useful beginner French. The video presents both languages at the same time and goes through the proper French pronunciation so that you’ll learn how to use the phrases immediately. There are more than 100 bilingual expressions to add to your French phrase vocabulary. If you like this video then you might also want to learn how to use the negative verb form.

Useful words and phrases for beginner French learners with English translation

This is a useful beginner video lesson that provides both French and English phrases. The format is that they introduce the word, usually a verb, and then provide some example phrases for you to practice with. This video is from Léana & Jakub, who you should follow here. If you are just getting started then you might also like this lesson to learn French from the very beginning. Some of the words covered in this lesson are to do, do it, possible, impossible, to need to do something and to be, all in French and English.

How to start learning French from the very beginning video lesson

Well when learning a new language, we all have to start somewhere and this lesson from Learning French with Alexa, who you should definitely follow here, is an entire video lesson designed for complete beginners. It starts with the most quintessential French word for hello “Bonjour” and most of the lesson itself is in English. It’s definitely not for anyone with a background in the language but it is still a popular video for total beginners. Here’s another video lesson for complete beginners.

Learn how to properly pronounce French words as a beginner

When you first start learning French you can sometimes wonder how the different words and letter combinations are pronounced since sometimes it can be similar to English and other times it’s totally different. If you haven’t learned how to say the French alphabet then try here. This beginner video lesson focuses in on the sounds that are made in pronouncing some common French words or I should say common letter pairings that appear together and the sound that you should make when saying them. You can subscribe to her videos here.

Practice French Verb conjugations with images & repetition

When you start learning French, often times simple practice and repetition can help you understand how to conjugate verbs properly. It can help make it easier to spot when words or phrases feel right or wrong and that can be helpful for your writing or speaking. This video is pretty basic in that it just has a long series of images and a verb conjugated phrase that you can repeat afterwards. If you’re just starting out with French you might like this video also. You can subscribe to their other videos here.

Learning using the FSI 1.1 method

If you’re looking to learn French as a beginner then you may be interested in trying out the FSI method, which is a fairly old set of learning materials but quite standard as it was developed originally for people going into the foreign services (I think). This lesson follows along another student as they learn on their own. Subscribe to their videos here. You may also be interested in the 1.0 FSI video.

Complete beginner French Video lesson – alphabet, phrases, verbs (4 hours!)

This is a really solid video for French beginners as it starts out assuming very little information about the language and uses mostly English to introduce the concepts before getting too far into the lesson. It covers some basic phrases to get you going, using a familiar setting like a bar or ordering at a café. It then covers the French alphabet and basic verb use –  go here for more on French verb conjugation. You can subscribe to their videos here.