Learn French using bilingual dialogues

If you want to learn how to speak and be fluent in French then learning with bilingual dialogues can be extremely useful. This video starts out with a useful travel-based dialogue about taking trains in France. There are both common questions you might ask when traveling in France as well and various problems or delays that could come up. The video lesson also provides the full English translation along with French pronunciation so it can serve as a complete practice tool. You can subscribe to their other videos here. If you liked this video then you might also like to practice French dialogues with English translations.

Use TV to learn – French in Action Episode 1

I personally find this way of learning to be rather interesting as it uses a very old, and kind of humorous now, TV show to teach you French. The show is called “French in Action” or “Francês em Ação”. Each episode starts off pretty slow and uses basic vocabulary and phrases. The idea is that by using simple plots and dialogue, you’ll be able to pick up more of the language naturally rather than by intense studying. It’s probably not for everyone but just watching the old videos can cause a big of nostalgia. If you want something more modern you can try some dialogue examples and practice video. Subscribe to their other videos on youtube here.

French dialogue examples and practice video

This video is a large collection of simple French dialogues that you can use to practice with. Learning by using complete phrases is often the most useful way to learn how to properly use different words in a correct context and to remember them. Often times just rote memorization from a list of vocabulary words is harder to remember and less useful overall than using dialogues to learn French. You can subscribe to their videos here.