Practice French Verb conjugations with images & repetition

When you start learning French, often times simple practice and repetition can help you understand how to conjugate verbs properly. It can help make it easier to spot when words or phrases feel right or wrong and that can be helpful for your writing or speaking. This video is pretty basic in that it just has a long series of images and a verb conjugated phrase that you can repeat afterwards. If you’re just starting out with French you might like this video also. You can subscribe to their other videos here.

How to use the negative verb form in French – video lesson

This is a great video covering how to use the negative verb form in French ‘ne’ + verb + ‘pas’. The lesson is quite detailed and explains some of the different ways that people actually use the forms in spoken, daily life, as well as what is ‘traditionally correct’ for the written form. Leaning how to use negatives is an important part when learning with French early on so don’t put it off. You can subscribe to their videos here. You may also be interested in some common phrases to start speaking as well.

Complete beginner French Video lesson – alphabet, phrases, verbs (4 hours!)

This is a really solid video for French beginners as it starts out assuming very little information about the language and uses mostly English to introduce the concepts before getting too far into the lesson. It covers some basic phrases to get you going, using a familiar setting like a bar or ordering at a café. It then covers the French alphabet and basic verb use –  go here for more on French verb conjugation. You can subscribe to their videos here.