How to conjugate French verbs video

This is a useful and very detailed (6 hours!) long video that dives deep on how to conjugate verbs in French. It’s good for beginners or for intermediate learners to review all the possible ways that verbs are conjugated in an easy to follow video lesson. Subscribe to their videos here. How you make verbs in French is important overall to truly master so that you can speak more fluently.

Learn French using bilingual dialogues

If you want to learn how to speak and be fluent in French then learning with bilingual dialogues can be extremely useful. This video starts out with a useful travel-based dialogue about taking trains in France. There are both common questions you might ask when traveling in France as well and various problems or delays that could come up. The video lesson also provides the full English translation along with French pronunciation so it can serve as a complete practice tool. You can subscribe to their other videos here. If you liked this video then you might also like to practice French dialogues with English translations.

Cartoons & nursery rhymes for kids to learn French through singing

If your child is learning French or you want to teach your kid how to speak French, then using cartoons, songs, singing and nursery rhymes can be a great way for them to practice and learn. It might not be much fun for you to watch yourself but hopefully you’ve got some headphones and an ipad that you can use so that your kid can practice singing along in French to these nursery rhymes without disturbing you. You can subscribe to their videos here. You can also use this video to teach kids colors in French.

Learn 100 bilingual French English phrases from Vincent

This is a very useful video from Learn French with Vincent that uses bilingual English & French dialogues & translations to teach you some useful beginner French. The video presents both languages at the same time and goes through the proper French pronunciation so that you’ll learn how to use the phrases immediately. There are more than 100 bilingual expressions to add to your French phrase vocabulary. If you like this video then you might also want to learn how to use the negative verb form.

Useful words and phrases for beginner French learners with English translation

This is a useful beginner video lesson that provides both French and English phrases. The format is that they introduce the word, usually a verb, and then provide some example phrases for you to practice with. This video is from Léana & Jakub, who you should follow here. If you are just getting started then you might also like this lesson to learn French from the very beginning. Some of the words covered in this lesson are to do, do it, possible, impossible, to need to do something and to be, all in French and English.

Practice with French dialogues and English translations

This is a super useful video for practicing French that uses dialogues of spoken French and English translations to help guide you through real world use of the language. Using dialogue is a great way to learn because it will teach you how people actually speak in daily life, how they form questions and how best to answer them. This simple process of asking for information and understanding what is said back to you forms the earliest foundation of proper communication. You should follow their videos here. If you like this visual approach but need more basic French vocabulary practice then go here.

How to start learning French from the very beginning video lesson

Well when learning a new language, we all have to start somewhere and this lesson from Learning French with Alexa, who you should definitely follow here, is an entire video lesson designed for complete beginners. It starts with the most quintessential French word for hello “Bonjour” and most of the lesson itself is in English. It’s definitely not for anyone with a background in the language but it is still a popular video for total beginners. Here’s another video lesson for complete beginners.

Practice French verbs of people doing things and conjugating actions

One of the most essential things to do when learning French is to practice conjugating verbs. This is another useful video lesson from Vincent who you can subscribe to here. The video structure is basically showing some video footage of a person doing something or taking an action and then it’s a mix of just the simple verb in the infinitive form or it’s conjugated with a subject & verb. Each video is overlaid with the text in French and he pronounces how to say it with pauses so you can repeat after that. Quite useful. If you want more, you can also use this video to practice verb conjugations.